You’ve been put in charge of the American president’s safety – but how will you cope with the pressure? Selected by the State Department, it is your duty to escort him to his vehicle. But the sound of gunfire starts to echo around you, you’ve come under attack and there’s no escape. Retreating into nearby woodland, a double-decker bus provides temporary shelter, but you haven’t got time to stop for long. The world is in your hands, and the solution is at your fingertips. Reinforcements are on their way, but time is running out fast. You have to take matters into your own hands. Will you put your life on the line? Keep members on your team distant from one another or you’ll soon find yourselves pinned down by the opposition. Hiding in London’s famous double-decker will only work for so long, so you’ll need to put those tactics into practice. Split into two teams, one will serve and protect while the others concentrate on taking out the president at any cost. Can you survive a surprise attack and ensure his safety at all times? It’s not just your unit to take into account here, he’s counting on you and your skills to protect him until the end of the game. There are a variety of game rules played in this game zone, while ‘Protect the President’ remains the most common, and ‘Team Deathmatch’ ‘Headquarters’ are also designed to suit this game zone.